David Eyk @ Worlds Enough Studios

Your software.

Safer. Faster.
More reliable.

Most custom software gets more expensive and less reliable over time. At Worlds Enough Studios, I know the strategies and techniques to make your software systems easier to work with and more reliable to operate.

Is your custom software…

Hard to change?

Legacy systems that are hard to change will cost you more in the long run in time, money, and hair loss!

Slow as mud?

How much employee time is wasted waiting for slow software? How many customers have you lost?


Have error messages become a way of life for you? Do they send your customers screaming for the hills?

Think of the possibilities


Your software should respond to your changing needs. I deliver software designs that meet today’s needs and readily adapt at the speed of business.


When your people have to wait, you lose money. I remove bottlenecks using my solid understanding of Web Performance at every level of the stack, from front-end to back-end.


Mysterious errors and site downtime send potential customers to your competitors. I’ve been delivering reliable, well-tested systems for over a decade. I can deliver one for you.

We had to add a bunch of new logic to our complex custom-built payment system and the clock was ticking. David systematically ironed out the requirements, found an efficient way to add them, and improved the system’s design while he was there. Thank you David!

Kyle Lumbra

Engineering Manager

I was impressed with David’s ability to answer complex business problems with simple solutions, all while organizing and training a team of newer engineers. He was especially talented at describing and explaining problems, and always analyzed things with an eye for future problems that we were likely to encounter.

Hunter Lake

Software Engineer

I’ve worked with legacy systems for my entire career.

I’ve been there.

  • It’s frustrating when your expensive custom software can’t adapt to your changing business needs.
  • It’s maddening when your fancy new website is dog slow.
  • It’s heartbreaking when buggy software wastes employee time and chases away customers.

That’s why I do things differently.

I listen to your needs and make a plan. Then I design and implement adaptable, performant, and reliable software systems that solve your problems and please your customers.

What does working with me look like?

1. First, we talk.

We’ll schedule a zoom call to talk about what your business goals are, and what your current software is like (if any!). You’ll describe the problems you’re facing, and what success would look like. I’ll take notes and ask questions, and together we’ll figure out how to get from your current situation to that beautiful future.

2. I do the work.

I’ll take my notes from our discussion and go make a plan and a cost estimate. Once you’ve approved the plan and the estimate, I’ll get started. We’ll continue to meet at regular intervals for me to show you my progress and make sure I’m still meeting your goals.

3. You win.

With adaptable, performant, reliable software that meets your business needs at last, you can finally stop worrying the worst parts of your business and start enjoying the best parts.

Hi, I’m David Eyk!*

* (rhymes with “like”)

At Worlds Enough Studios, I know that you want a successful business that serves your customers well and doesn’t cause you headaches or lost sleep. To have that, you need high-quality custom software that is reliable and adaptable to your business’s changing needs.

The problem is that software is expensive, and it’s not your area of expertise. You don’t know how to evaluate the work that’s done, and you don’t know if you’ll be happy with the results. This makes you feel like a core piece of your business is out of your control!

I believe that good software starts with good communication and early acceptance testing. If something in the design is wrong, we should be able to catch that early, maybe even before a line of code is written!

I understand how important your business is to you, and how important it is to get this right. That’s why I use Agile development processes to keep you informed and in the driver’s seat.

I also understand that what’s right for your business today may change in six months. That’s why I use Domain-Driven Design to build a system that can be easily adapted to whatever the future might throw at you.

Finally, I understand that your business shouldn’t be handcuffed to me. That’s why I deliver well-documented, well-factored, well-tested code that will be a pleasure for any skilled developer to pick up.

Here’s how the process works:

  1. You teach me about the business processes that the software needs to support, and any existing solutions you have in place.
  2. You receive a common language that we’ll use to describe every part of the system. No technobabble, no jargon, just plain English.
  3. You receive a plan that strictly separates the all-important business rules from the boring details like databases and task queues.
  4. We test these business rules together to make sure they meet your needs.
  5. You receive a system that implements the rules we agreed upon. I handle all the boring details so you don’t have to!
  6. You receive an automated deployment process so that any changes to the system can be fielded quickly and safely.
  7. You receive a well-documented, well-tested system that will be easy for any developer to pick up. If I get hit by a bus, your business won’t suffer.

What to expect

We’ll talk about what your current software solutions look like and what your goals for them are. I’ll listen closely and take notes, and I’ll tell you up front if I think my skills are a good fit for your business.

If I think we’re a good fit, we’ll talk about what a better software solution to your business problems looks like. Then I’ll make a plan and quote you an estimate, and we’ll go from there.